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28th Dec 2020

05 Developing a Mission Statement

Create a mission statement to help you keep your focus when life gets hard. Here's some questions you can ask in developing your mission statement:
#1 What do I want in my life that I don't have
#2 What do I have in my life that I don't want.
#3 Where do I see myself living
#4 Create 'how can I do/achieve/accomplish it' questions.
#5 Develop a financial plan
#6 List everything you are grateful to have in life, work, etc
#7 Consider what is in your sphere of #1 Control, #2 Influence, #3 Concern
#8 Review "how can I" questions and turn them into "how I AM going to do it" statements
#9 Prioritize and take action on ONE thing from your “how I AM going to” statements TODAY
#10 Accept the fact that you deserve exactly what you want, you just haven’t done the work yet
#11 Find people who have exactly what you want and examine what they did to get it.
#12 Work your lists every day, making updates. Don’t stop until you have exactly what you want.

Here is an episode of another podcast I run called The Constructive Liberty Podcast which also details this process, https://constructiveliberty.com/tclp-11/

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