Episode 158

Published on:

2nd Mar 2022

Key #5: The 1% Principle

101 Keys to Winning at Life: #5

Todays key comes from Toolman Tim at ToolmanTim.co:

How The 1% Better Principle worked for me. Two years ago I started a YouTube channel. As a 38 year old, bearded, quiet spoken fella, talking to himself in his basement office, I knew literally zero about content creation. However c

My audio was barely audible. I tried a shotgun mic, a corded lapel mic, and a cordless mic. I set them up in multiple locations, watched every video I could on improving sound quality, I nearly tore my hair out. But the end result was great audio. I spent way too much time editing my content. So I forced myself to do single take videos. This allowed me to put out more content in the same amount of time. Not easy, not comfortable, but I improved.

I knew live-streaming was another key to success. I had unstable internet in my studio, so I moved to my office. I tweaked the lighting, adjusted the audio, got a new backdrop, but most importantly I kept live-streaming every single week. Each time I did something dumb I didn't do it again.

If you are a numbers person, 1% improvement daily leads to 3800% improvement annually. None of this would have happened if I didn't commit to being uncomfortable, trying new things and getting 1% better every day.

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