Episode 179

Published on:

27th Apr 2022

Finding Your WHY

When you know WHY you’re doing something, it’s much easier to stick with and follow through on. Think back to the subjects in school that you hate, most likely you can’t see any reason WHY you should do it, or WHY you would ever need to use it in life (trigonometry). But when you can see the WHY, like knowing that workouts translate directly to results and success on the playing field, it’s much easier to stick with it through the hard things.

It’s the same with life, when you feel you have a purpose, your WHY, things just flow for you. It doesn’t mean it’s going to be easy, or that you’ll enjoy every aspect of it. But it DOES mean that you can see where you’re headed, rather than just blindly charging ahead through life. 

Your WHY is the measuring stick you hold up to everything in your life. “Should I take this job”, “should I move to this city”, “should I get married to this person”, etc. All you have to do is measure that against your WHY, and it will give you instant clarity on your path forward.

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