Episode 147

Published on:

2nd Feb 2022

Mentorship FTW

Small changes coming to the Teen Catalyst Podcast; we are returning to 3 episodes per week. WOOHOO!!

This marks the beginning of a project I've been dreaming about for some time, the creation of '101 Keys to Winning at Life'.

The first key comes from Donovan Dreyer, a mentor of mine, and coach to teens:

I believe Gen Z should become the greatest generation of all-time. They have access to every expert in history and their mentors can serve them from anywhere on the globe. The uncertainty in the world has heightened anxiety for so many. We can team up to create the future we want for our kids like never before. Your first step is to tap into the support that is available in the form of coaches, mentors, trainers and educators who have the specialty and genuine care your kids need.

Find more about coach Donovan here.

Here is where you can find the book mentioned in the podcast, 'What Color is Your Parachute?'

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