Episode 132

Mentorship is Key to SUCCESS

Today I want to talk about mentorship. A mentor is someone who is known as a trusted counselor or guide.

Recognize that vulnerability is an actual leadership competency, and that peers, colleagues, and direct reports crave relatability and transparency in their leaders. The higher you are in an organization, the more warped and blurred your view becomes of what's really happening on the ground. So, remember not only to focus ON the business, but work IN the business as needed. Be a light, not a judge. Be a model, not a critic. What actions are required for you to demonstrate the vulnerability that allows those around you to do the sam?. ~ Dave Hollis
Protect your brain. Just because you can't see your brain doesn't mean it's not there. Invest as much energy caring for it as you do for your heart, your lungs, your skin, and other more conspicuous organs. Are you willing to become the family or community pariah in order to save a life? Dramatic? Yes. Accurate? Even more so. Protect your brain. ~ Daniel Amen

We often think of self-discipline as being focused on doing something in particular. Although that certainly is true, excercising the self-discipline NOT to do something can exponentiate your creativity and productivity. If you were to establish a greater degree of self-discipline tomorrow, is there one recurring habit that, if you could improve upon, modify, or eliminate, would have a disproportionately positive impact on both your confidence and your ability to progress something enormously important to you? What is that thing that you need to eliminate in order to progress something in your life forward? ~ Ryan Holiday

For more information on how to find a mentor that's right for you, or to work with me directly, contact me at coach@teencatalyst.com.

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