Episode 152

Published on:

16th Feb 2022

Key #3: 400 Laughs a Day

Today's key come from Elise Hittinger.

I kept setting New Years resolutions and failing. The failures were hard on me, I don’t like to fail. The feelings that I wasn’t good enough would start to creep in. One New Year’s eve, 30 years ago or so, I made a life changing decision. I would no longer make resolutions. Instead, I set a daily goal of 400 laughs a day. It was a big enough number not to track and still give me the incentive to look for things all day long to laugh at. It didn’t happen over night but that striving to laugh brought things into my life to enjoy. I started seeing the funny side of the world, the funny things that happen all day long that I was too busy to laugh at. Laughter has great health benefits, people enjoy being around me, and I feel GREAT. It was a wise decision that I keep up every day.

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