Episode 156

Published on:

25th Feb 2022

6 Income Streams You Can Start TODAY

Gardening services

- Plant propagation: trees, comfrey, garden plants, microgreens,

- Setting up gardens for others: tilling, mulching, aquaponics, water features

Custom wearable accessories: rings, ear-rings, bracelets, cuffs, necklaces, leather works (belts, bags, totes)

Teaching new tech: phones, basic internet safety, blockchain, setting up home electronics, selling online ads, setting up GoogleMyBiz

Selling online: listing for other people, buying cheap and reselling (flea markets, secondhand, neighbors junk) ebay, poshmark, amazon, affiliate sales, selling ads,

Website/ blog/ podcast management: Building custom websites, managing websites, creating/editing blogs, editing/releasing/booking podcasts

Tutoring: kids your age, kids younger, older kids who are struggling in a subject you're great at

Reach out to me at ken@teencatalyst.com to create a roadmap to success for your teen.

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