Episode 161

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9th Mar 2022

Key #6: Embody the Person You Want to Become

Today's key comes from Christina Fong:

You have a goal but doubt you can achieve it.  You think dreams come true for others but are not possible for you.  Even if you have some faith that it might happen, you aren’t sure where to start.  It begins by working backwards from the results you desire.  Imagine yourself adopting the identity of a person who could get those results.  Ask yourself, “Who is the type of person that could get the outcome I want?”  Identify the characteristics, qualities and habits of someone who would achieve your desired result and incorporate them into daily life now.  Learn to operate like some who has your goal.  Wake up every morning and embody the person you are on the road to becoming - your future self.   

Some questions to ask yourself to get your wheels turning:

1. What are my interests?

Think about the hobbies you have, how and where you enjoy spending your time. Do you like spending time with people, animals, computers, books? What activities would you miss the most if they were taken away from you?

2. What are my skills?

Think of the hard skills and soft skills you've acquired in life.

3. What are my strengths and talents?

Think of the things you're particularly good at, as well as things that people come to you for help with.

4. What is my personality?

Are you a leader or followers?

Do you prefer to work alone or in a group?

Do you prefer to cooperate or compete with others?

Do you enjoy helping others or prefer to empower them to do things themselves?

Are you a thinker who focuses on ideas or are you a doer who takes action?

Are you a creative and artistic person or do you thrive with structure and routine?

Also consider your values.

If you want to chat with a real live person and talk your way through these questions, just send an email to coach@teencatalyst.com and we'll set a time to connect.

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