Episode 165

Published on:

18th Mar 2022

Professional Success Through Fitness

Today I chat with Hami Mahani, former D1 College athlete, marketing expert turned entrepreneur, CEO and Founder of 6AMRun.comt, about how prioritizing fitness lead to massive breakthroughs for him in business.

At 42, what I have learned is that my physical fitness journey has ALWAYS centered me and helped me professionally. To the point where I am now, CEO and Founder of 6AMRun.com

All teens hear is "work hard", go to school, etc. No one address' coping with daily issues. Through running, taking care of your health can clear our minds and solve our issues, AND guide OURSELVES to "professional" or other successful paths.

Here's some of what we discuss in the show:

  • Overcoming adversity early in life
  • How "running" can improve your quality of life.
  • Why physical health is the CORE of all other health/wellness needs?
  • What is a 6AM Mindset
  • "Hard Work" being a myth, and why.

Connect with Hami:

  • www.6amrun.com
  • instagram.com/6am.run
  • Facebook.com/groups/6amrun
  • instagram.com/HydrateHero

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