Episode 166

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21st Mar 2022

Lean Into the Unknown

Today's quote comes from Tommy Baker, The 1% Rule: How to Fall in Love with the Process and Achieve Your Wildest Dreams

“Once we see the unknown through the frame of unlimited possibility, a place where anything can happen, we open up our world.”

What is that unknown for you that you're afraid to go into? Lean into the fear, walk into the unknown. You just might find exactly what you were looking for.

Check out this even I'm hosting in June:

It's a father/son (age13-19) camping weekend on our homestead in Burkesville, KY. Tentative dates are June 24-26.

We'll be working on building stronger relationships, not only between father/son, but also between self/others.

There will be hands on workshops where teens can learn the basics of real skills like woodworking, carpentry, welding, animal care, horticulture, and more.

We'll also have presentations on developing your interests, how to create a life/career you LOVE, critical thinking, the basics of personal finance, goal setting.....all the tool you need to create a life and career that interests and excites!!

Are you excited yet?

Here's the deal, I'm opening this first ever TEEN CATALYST event to ONLY 15 father/son attendees.

You'll be blown away by the value you'll receive from this event.

The door price for this event is $495 per father/son, which is incredible for everything included (camping, meals, and more)

But get this, until the end of March, I'm opening registration for $175

If you're interested in attending, reach out to me at ken@teencatalyst.com.

Can't wait to meet you.

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