Episode 167

Published on:

23rd Mar 2022

Key #8 Organize Your Life

Today's "Key to Winning at Life" comes from Melissa White.

One of the things that helps me to win at life is cleaning as I go and keeping things organized. When my house gets messy and things aren’t where they are supposed to be, it throws everything off and takes so much longer to finish a project. Like when I am cooking in the kitchen I like to clean up as I go so there isn’t such a large overwhelming mess at the end. It also helps to be very organized so I can quickly find the bowl, knife, seasoning blend, etc.. when I need it and I don’t spend half my time looking for something. Like the saying goes, “A place for everything and everything in it’s place.” If you make it a habit to have a place for everything and put it back in it’s place when you are done using it, then you not only save your time and sanity looking for it you also save money because you won’t run out and buy another thing when you can’t find the one you already have.

Go get organized, and do good work.

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